Ruby Descent details

Some fun tidbits about Ruby Descent, my retro-future novel-in-progress:

The time period/style is reminiscent of the Roaring 20s. However, the actual date is meant to be ambiguous. It won’t be clear if the story takes place in the actual 1920s, with the addition of high technology, or if it’s far in the future, with the 20s being the social climate.

Prohibition is well in effect. But it’s not alcohol that’s sanctioned. It’s water. The world’s water supply was poisoned with a bio-weapon, after the invasion called Black Sky Day.  There are only a few safe sources left. Most is controlled by Everblue, a giant corporation specializing in global purification, and off-world mining for water. You’re given a ration each month, from the Administration. Speakeasies do exist, for people who are out or nearing the limit. It can be had…for a price, on the underground market.

Robotics is highly developed. Most of the staff on the Ruby lift is robotic, with a few human employees to manage them.

One of the main characters in the story is Walter Marlow’s cat, Mr. Vincent. He’s a bio-engineered, hypo-allergenic tyrant. And has lived well past his expected years, because Walter uses every extra cent he makes to extend the animal’s life. The cat wanders about the lift, wearing his life-support robotic exo-skeleton. And is adored by the guests, as a novelty and mascot.

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