Updated image of Silas Blane

An enhanced version of the drawing I did of Silas Blane, the antagonist in my upcoming decopunk novel.

Silas Blane
Silas Blane

Author: Holly Gonzalez

At a young age, Holly began telling stories, dreaming up characters, and creating worlds. She writes speculative fiction, poetry, and children's books. During her school years, she won numerous writing contests and awards and was featured in her high school literary anthology. To date, she has self-published several short stories and poetry. Her current works-in-progress include a decopunk novel, and a weird western trilogy. She lives in Spokane, Washington, with her husband, Stephen, and a facetious tuxedo cat named Vincent.

2 thoughts on “Updated image of Silas Blane”

  1. He would love your description. Above all, he fancies himself to be a man of the world, with more depth than the average chap. He’s also likely observing your bone structure, and silently wondering if your skeletal framework would be a suitable fit toward his masterpiece….not telling what that is, hahaha. Suffice it to say, he’s a compulsive hoarder with a disturbing, neurotic hobby.


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