The 777 Challenge!

Here’s my snippet for the 777 challenge issued by the lovely Jazzfeathers 😉

The 777 challenge requires you go to Page 7 of your work-in-progress, scroll down to Line 7 and share the next 7 sentences in a blog post. Once you have done this, you can tag 7 other bloggers to do the same with their work-in-progress.


Worst of all, everyone else adored the little brat. Even Mrs. Lancier showed him more tenderness than she ever did to me. She always carried him around on one hip, and talked to him sweetly.

I’d never enjoyed being coddled. I was a Blane, and we deserved only the most decorous respect. Though Castor was young, he didn’t behave like a son of our esteemed name.

I avoided my infuriating brother whenever I could, and spent most afternoons outside, training my mastiff to fetch and retrieve.

Chapter 8 of BITB is up!

Chapter Eight of BITB is up! This one is a bit delayed, but hopefully won’t disappoint. Skeletons galore tumble out of the Blane closet. And family gatherings make for such lovely drama. Sometimes, everything we believe and shape our lives around is a lie…There are some mature scenes, though all is PG-13.