The shadowy world of “Beauty In The Bones” darkens further

The foundation chapters for “Beauty In The Bones” have all been set now. The next begins to delve into the secret and creepy world of occult societies, dark shamanism, and hallucinogenic journeys. Cults and mystical orders were at a heyday in the early twentieth century. Most were run by charlatans and false messiahs. I plan to explore this reality in the story, as Silas grows in power and awareness, and ultimately decides to follow his own path–with disastrous results in the end. I’m starting to adore Silas and his audacity. And I have to keep reminding myself this is the story of his downward spiral. He’s going to do some very questionable things in the near future, many of which make me cringe. Such is the nature of art, exposing the sides of human nature which we often try to deny or conceal. At any rate, the mayhem begins. I should have the next chapter out in a few days.

savagery and facades

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