The Love/Hate Challenge

Got tagged in the Love/Hate challenge by CW! Here’s my list of Loves and Hates. Now gotta tag some friends 😉


1: Family and friends: I’m blessed with the most awesome and loving people in my life. I’m an introvert and not too keen on large crowds, but spending time with a few of my closest companions is my greatest joy in life.

2: Nature and the outdoors. I’d rather be barefoot in the dirt than stuck in my windowless office all day. Unfortunately I have to endure the latter to pay the bills right now. If I ever make enough off of my writing to retire, I’ll build a writing space with floor-to-ceiling windows and a beautiful veranda to pace on when I’m brainstorming.

3: Beer: One of the few vices I still have. I’m not one for much liquor, but I love beer…both drinking it and brewing it. Pilseners and ales are my favorite, though I love me a good stout or porter on a cold afternoon as well.

4: Coffee: Another addiction that I don’t regret having. Java is my best friend on those long lonely overnight shifts at work, and the first thing I make in the morning.

5: Writing: I’ve been stringing words together and listening to the voices of the people in my head since I was old enough to hold a pencil.

6: Reading: I’m always happier when my nose is buried in a great book. Another passion I developed at an early age.

7: Music: I love music and dancing. There are very few types of music that I don’t like, though I have to be in a mood to listen to some. Most pop music drives me up the wall. I prefer style and substance over bubble-gum beats.

8: Travel: I’m a nomad, much happier on the move seeing the world than stuck for long in one place. On my bucket list of places to see someday: Japan, italy, Ireland, Africa, and China

9: Art: I’m both a visual artist and an admirer of art. My specialty is pencil and ink, though I also dabble in watercolors, oils, and acrylics when I feel the urge.

10: History: I’ve always been fascinated by the past. Favorite time periods/cultures include: ancient Egypt, feudal China, Celtic, Viking, Tudor England, Edwardian era, 1920s Jazz Age, classic Hollywood, and the American West.


1: War: Fighting violence with violence is like pouring gasoline to put out a fire. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Sometimes military action is necessary, but should only be used as a last resort, and with integrity and a policy of non-violence. War always escalates into conflict for its own sake, eventually losing all semblance of higher purpose. I’ve long been a supporter of the peace movement.

2: Bigotry: People who insist the entire world should believe as they do, and force their opinions down my throat. Mind your own business, and stop worrying about what others are doing. As a pagan, my creed is: do what you will, so long as you cause no harm. If it’s between consenting adults, not hurting anyone or anything, I’m cool with it. And I expect the same treatment in return. Judgmental people can go preach to themselves in a corner for all I care. I won’t be listening.

3: Poverty: The unbalanced distribution of wealth is a concern of mine. No one working a full time job should be living below the poverty line. I’ve been called a socialist for this viewpoint. If that’s what it classifies me as, so be it.

4: World hunger: If I had three wishes, abolishing world hunger would be at the top of my list. I’ve lived in this state before. No money, fridge and cupboards bare. Nothing is more heartbreaking or appalling than a child crying because they’re hungry, or anyone for that matter.

5: Spiders: The one animal that makes my list of hates. Yes, I know they serve a viable purpose in controlling bad bugs like mosquitoes and flies, and sometimes their webs are pretty. But I’ve had far too many creepy-crawlies dive toward my head on their swingy strings. As long as they stay outside, I leave them alone. The minute I find a spider in my house, it’s a kamikaze seek-and-destroy mission.

6: Ignorance and illiteracy: Education is so important. Everyone should learn to read and be able to receive a basic education.

7: Large crowds: If there’s too many people around me, I feel the urge to retreat to quieter locales. Not a big fan. I’m always the one hugging the outskirts in crowded theaters and parks.

8: Hot weather: When it’s hotter than 80 degrees F, I hate it. I lived in the Central Valley of California until I was in my late thirties, and endured those months of three digit temps for far too long. Give me a crisp fall afternoon and an ideal temperature of 65 degrees, and I’m in heaven. I love the climate where I live now, in Spokane, Washington State. The summer heat is usually short-lived, and the rest of the year is awesome.

9: Drama queens and gossip: I hate people who smear their troubles all over the world, involving others who have nothing to do with it. Keep your bullshit to yourself, thank you. Also, spreading gossip about others is deplorable. I wish people like that would just keep their trash mouths shut.

10: Hypocrites and backstabbers:  I’d rather deal with someone who is ruthlessly honest, than a fake. if you don’t like me, that’s fine. But don’t pretend to, and then turn against me behind my back. Anyone who does this will earn my enmity…and getting back into my good graces once you’re on that list of traitors is nigh to impossible. Once bitten, ten times shy.

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