New Twitter pitch for Ruby Descent

I’ve just recently discovered the exciting pitch events on Twitter 🙂 My goal is to have Ruby Descent ready by September, then get to tweeting this baby to agents and publishers.  I’ve got the pitch narrowed to this right now:

As flappers dance and chromed rockets soar, the concierge of a space elevator joins a struggle between two powerful brothers.

5 thoughts on “New Twitter pitch for Ruby Descent”

  1. Hi Holly 🙂
    I’m not at all an expert (I wish I were) but I’ve taken part in many twitter pitch parties in the last few months, read widely on how to craft a pitch tweet and received a few requests through the parties.

    What I’ve learned to be paramount is you have to be as specific as possible in 130 characters.
    In this light, I think your pitch is too generic. I get a sense of the setting (which is good) but I don’t get any sense of the story. More specifically, I don’t get any sense of who’s the MC and what is at stack for him/her.
    That’s the button everybody pushes: stacks have to be clear or the pitch isn’t effective.

    Hope this helps 🙂

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