Chapter 22 of “Beauty In The Bones”

Chapter 22 of “Beauty In The Bones” is up! The end of the first term at Chamberlayne Academy marks many transitions. Some are welcome, even useful. Others can only be bolstered with secret promises.……/

Chapter 21 of “Beauty In The Bones” us live–“Adoration and Abandon”

Chapter 21 begins with escalated anxiety after the recent attack on Askogan City. Amid the turmoil, two young lovers seek comfort and new thrills in each others’ arms. An unwelcome altercation serves as a reminder of war on a much more personal scale. Note: This chapter contains some sexual situations, but is PG-13. Read here or on Wattpad:

Chapter 20 of Beauty In The Bones: The Portent

Chapter 20 is up! Would seeing into the future be a blessing, or a curse? Some, like Silas Blane, were never given a choice. A class field trip reveals interesting facts long hidden, and an apocalyptic vision yields to terrifying truth. Read on the website, or on Wattpad:

“The Family Of Earth”-A Retrofuture Series


In a universe where eras gone by blend with possible futures, humanity struggles for purpose and truth. These are the chronicles of the family of Earth, a series spanning several decades and multiple worlds. This interplanetary society faces dire challenges, and must learn to work together to survive.

Here are all of the ongoing and completed works:

Children of the War: (complete short story) The early years of Walter Marlow. Diesel robots, water raids, sadistic Pruessian officers, fanatical boxing, and mysterious cats abound. A free read on Wattpad and Smashwords.

Perfect World Somewhere: (complete novel) The coming-of-age story of Lily Fairpoole. Streamlined rocketships, heroic robots, brave revolutionaries, flappers, and plenty of jazz! A free read on Wattpad or Smashwords.

***A paperback version of the above two stories is available for purchase at:***

Beauty In The Bones: (ongoing novel) The story of Silas Blane. A decodrama set among the off-world colonies. Chromed fusion rockets, spooky secret societies, bone oracles, robots for every occasion, and a perilous, affluent world which hails to “Downton Abbey” and “Dynasty”. A free read on Wattpad or my website.

Ruby Descent: (novel in revision) The showdown of all characters in the above works. Set upon the wild and swanky space elevator known as the Ruby lift, during the anniversary party of the water purification company known as Everblue. As the lift begins its descent, the concierge and director of operations, Walter Marlow, finds himself overwhelmed, as usual. So much to do. So many inept people. And the robotic staff is malfunctioning. He’s near to losing his mind.
Two of the most important celebrities in the known universe are along for the descent. They’re carrying a secret that will shake the very foundations of society.
And Walter’s entire world is about to come crashing down.
More information and an excerpt on my site at:

The Adventures Of Knolls And Hunter: (ongoing dieselpunk pulp series) Follow the antics of this fabulous mercenary super-spy duo from “Ruby Descent”, as they battle all manner of villains and anomalies across the known worlds. A free read on Watpad.

Solswept: (an upcoming atompunk trilogy) Three decades after “Ruby Descent”, Earth is polluted beyond salvaging, and the entire solar system is overpopulated. In a desperate attempt to save itself, humanity launches three generation ships, in search of habitable new worlds. Only one of them will survive. A short story introducing the characters from the first novel in the trilogy can be read free on Wattpad.

Images inspiring characters from Beauty In The Bones

Here are some images I’ve been using to inspire various characters from my decodrama in progress, “Beauty In The Bones”.

Silas Blane


Richard Blane

paulnewmanlouis jordanrichard blane

Octavia Blane

octaviaphoto octaviapic octaviapic1

Castor Blane



Holten Jaster

MONACO - CIRCA 1925: The Star Actor Of The Movie Ben Hur : A Tale Of The Christ On The Terrace Of Monte-Carlo'S Casino 7 Months After The Shooting. (Photo by Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images)


Tamsin Lovejoy/Blane

Myrna04_LGmyrnaloy3shmultzler tamsin7 tamsinlovejoy

Raleigh and Mabel Lovejoy


Irving Lovejoy


Vance Prynne


Reuben Gable


Gerald Forsyth


Imogen Forsyth


Lady Selketh av Dodsneret/Phyllis Forsyth

priestess priestess3

Silas Blane and Tamsin Lovejoy

tamsin and silas

Ethlyne Mayweather/Blane


Cerise Blane


The Order of Sacred Skulls

cult6 ooi48sovereignlowwm1 reflected_in_you_by_alexandramanukyan-d7cyz2t skullpaint tumblr_n4c2rfTPwu1s2t29go1_250 tumblr_n5dfavZ1sm1raybp3o1_500 wildhuntmurtaghcloseup

Chapter 19 of Beauty In The Bones–Fortune and Retribution

Chapter 19 of Beauty In The Bones is up. “Fortune and Retribution.” Friendships strengthen, both surprising and dubious. Important connections are found, and useful allies present themselves. An evening stroll brings cruel revelations. Read on the website, or on Wattpad:

Tag A Thon: Would You Rather?

Here are my answers for the challenge from Jazzfeathers over at The Old Shelter!!

Would you rather only read trilogies or only read standalones? That’s a hard choice. I think it would depend mostly on the story. I do tend to read more standalones, there’s just nothing like a fantastic book that wraps itself up in one shot.

Would you rather only read male or female authors? I have no preference on this. I’ve read excellent work from both. It makes no difference at all.
Would you rather shop at Barnes and Noble or Amazon? Barnes And Noble. Amazon is an unfortunate necessity, but I despise the corporate monstrosity for several reasons.

Would you rather books were made into TV shows or movies? I’d have to go with TV shows, as it’s easier to adapt complicated plots over a season. Of course both have produced poor representations of things.

Would you rather read only 5 pages per day or 5 books per week? 5 books per week, definitely. The more the better. And then I wouldn’t have such a terribly long to-read list >_>

Would you rather be a professional author or reviewer? An author, obviously.

Would you rather be a librarian or a bookseller? Hm…I’d have to say bookseller, as the idea of owning my own book shop and drinking coffee all day sounds far more appealing.

Would you rather read only your favourite genre, or every other genre but your favourite? My favorite genre, which is science fiction. I’m far too inspired to write SF to never read it again. It would be disastrous! lol

Would you rather only read ebooks or physical books? Given a choice, physical books. Ebooks are convenient, but nothing beats the solid weight of my favorite novel in my hands.

Searching for victims to tag…stay tuned! 😉