Updated snippet for 8 Sentence Sunday

Here’s an updated snippet for 8 Sentence Sunday on Dieselpunks.org 🙂 The embellishments push it up a bit, but I’m pleased with the new description of the car  🙂


His motorcar gleamed, a flawless black Esata-Frachiere 8A with custom trim. Chromed intakes lined the grille, between two round headlamps set in perky brass mountings.  The wheel wells swooped back in voluptuous tapers, sheltering pristine whitewall tires and their shiny spoked hubs. More brass accents slithered along the body, meeting in dramatic streamlines at the front. The hood ornament leaped with insinuated vigor, an abstract nude girl with arms and blunt wings unfurled.

The robots loaded my luggage, then climbed into the back seat.

“Where’s your chauffeur?” I asked.

Uncle Holten scoffed as he donned his gloves and goggles. “No one drives this car but me. Get in.”

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