8 snippet Sunday on Diselpunks.org

I’m hitting some of the more romantic chapters in my WIP, which is always a stretch for me. Here’s a snippet for this week! A secret love affair begins, as a storm brews on more levels than one. Silas and his paramour can’t resist each other, though everything in the known worlds is against their tryst. I tried to add a cinematic feel to this scene, and am hoping it came across as intended.


I encircled her in a drenched embrace. “I’d be happy to oblige you.”

It must be a dream. Another vision.

Lightning flashed again, with an encore of thunder.

Blossoms drifted as she twined her fingers around my neck, petals strewn upon the ground, whirling on the gale.

Her lips parted, the slow tilt of her face an invitation. There were no thoughts, every barrier collapsing.

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