Chapter 29 of Beauty In The Bones-“Weaving The Fall”

“Beauty In The Bones” returns after its hiatus. The next chapter became two, with obstacles arising for Silas and his beloved. Envy and longing are an unwelcome distraction. Desperate to soothe his agitated mind, Silas performs a ritual in solitude. A disturbing vision reveals trouble on many fronts, and a startling new ability emerges. Lovers choose to refrain for the sake of their hearts’ desires, but an alarming encounter may destroy everything regardless.

Chapter 28 of Beauty In The Bones: Entangled Splendor

The latest episode of “Beauty In The Bones” is up. While autumn entices the senses with its splendor, the known worlds reel under the dire news of war on many fronts. Silas distracts himself with friends and leisure, though his visions still taunt with ominous riddles by night. Uncle Holten reveals his power, and proposes a marvelous outing in response to his sister’s scheme.