8 Sentence Sunday

Here’s a little snippet from my new decopunk short story, a retelling of Poe’s “Annabel Lee”. It’s titled “The Envy Of Angels, and starting to take shape nicely.


The day I met her was the first day I ever beheld the ocean.

Newly arrived to Hosanna with my entire life in a single carry-on bag, and my cherished harp tucked under one arm, I ventured to the elongated viewing window at the shuttle port. In my seventeen years of life, I’d dwelled behind the dreary walls of the workers’ arcology known as Steelbend. Never had I dreamed to be here, in the wondrous Kingdom By The Sea. Dark waves outside crashed against the rocky shore, gray upon gray as the mists receded toward a nearly indecipherable horizon. Awe and elation filled me at finally reaching my destination, and seeing its splendor with my own eyes. The past and all of its misery were behind me, now. It was time to make a new start, beneath the watchful eyes and wings of the blessed Seraphim.

2 thoughts on “8 Sentence Sunday”

    1. Gotcha, thank you so much!! I’ve started revising some of it already, and it feels much better now. Trying to stick to that Poe-etic horror quality has been fun. Also, most of my stories have happy-ish endings, and this one just doesn’t…so it’s a new ballgame entirely, lol.


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