Chapter 8 of Red Butterflies: Dreams To Ashes

The long overdue next chapter of “Red Butterflies: Dreams To Ashes” is up now on Wattpad! The enigmatic and beautiful Ling Fu adjusts further to life in her new master’s house. Though she tries to please her Lord, there’s obviously something secret and sinister going on in this estate, and she’s soon to be inextricably trapped in it’s tangled web.

Chapter 32 of Beauty In The Bones–Eve Of Illusions

The latest episode of ‘Beauty In The Bones” is live. I apologize for the late start, and the accidental update a few days ago. I hit the Publish button in error before it was finished…sorry for the false alarm.

Our latest installment falls upon Hexer’s Eve, and an early snow blankets the campus. Colonials like Silas and Gerald are new to the biting cold, and the strange Amerixcan holiday. While looking for costumes to wear to the evening’s festivities, Silas finds an old magazine telling about the mysterious faction in the Kaezer’s power structure known as ‘Myrktilhet’, or ‘The Shadow’. Some of you may remember this sinister group from the second novel in the series, “Perfect World Somewhere”. Silas begins to learn of its connection to the Kaezer’s might, and possible ties to The Order itself. An unexpected encounter with Vance revives old rivalry, and the enmity deepens when Silas discovers Vance’s true intentions toward Tamsin. This is a longer chapter which I had to cut in two. The next installment will be out before the week is up. I promise 😉 Have a great weekend and the happiest New Year ever, dear friends! Read for free now on Wattpad:


The Resurrection of “Monochrome”

Now here’s a blast from my past. An unfinished cyberpunk novella I started writing almost twenty years ago. Happened across it today on an old disk and realized it might still have potential. This is one of the earliest stories I ever wrote ‘seriously’, and I’m tempted to give it a face-lift and actually finish it. Feel free to comment, leave feedback, and let me know what you’d like to see in Reiko’s future. Note: The MC/narrator is a gutter-punk hacker with a mouth to make a sailor blush. Marked as mature for language, violence, and mayhem 😉

New short story for GE’s Adventures In Science

Here’s a fun new story I wrote for GE’s Adventures In Science competition on Wattpad. Melati Soraya is an independent young software engineer, called to assist with an urgent conservation project while visiting home. Tigers have always been an important part of her life, and the inspiration for her brilliant predictive analysis program, Yongki Analytics. Can she and her annoying American drone pilot save an endangered cub, and catch the killers in time?

Chapter 31 of “Beauty In The Bones”

Chapter 31 of BITB, “Sin And Sincerity”, is up after a brief hiatus. After the revealing and yet disappointing dinner with Uncle Holten Jaster, Silas returns to Blakely House. An unsettling omen flashes from the Otherworld, and Gerald can’t escape a necessary confrontation. Tempted by desperation as well as opportunity, Silas tests his subtle powers of persuasion on his unsuspecting victim. This is one young shaman who’ll stop at nothing to get what he wants. Hints of the villain to come begin to creep through.

The story is now available to read free exclusively on Wattpad. I’ve removed it from this site for ease and technical reasons.

Story finished, monthly goals, and other trinkets

I apologize for the shortage of updates lately. ‘Tis the season to be busy, I’ve been no exception. Good news in that I finally finished “The Envy Of Angels”, and have submitted it for the anthology. I’ll post updates as they come. You can check out the details and meet the mighty folks behind the Punk Writers at:

I’ve done a lot of considering these past few weeks, and I’ve realized i want to present my next novel “Ruby Descent” as it was originally intended–as a standalone novel. All of the stories leading up to it will form “The Family Of Earth”, which as it stands will likely be a trilogy unto itself. I’d always aimed to write RD as a fast-paced story in its own right. The characters have demanded their way for the past year, but its time to get back into the swing and finish the adventure which started everything.