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Chapter 32 of Beauty In The Bones–Eve Of Illusions

The latest episode of ‘Beauty In The Bones” is live. I apologize for the late start, and the accidental update a few days ago. I hit the Publish button in error before it was finished…sorry for the false alarm.

Our latest installment falls upon Hexer’s Eve, and an early snow blankets the campus. Colonials like Silas and Gerald are new to the biting cold, and the strange Amerixcan holiday. While looking for costumes to wear to the evening’s festivities, Silas finds an old magazine telling about the mysterious faction in the Kaezer’s power structure known as ‘Myrktilhet’, or ‘The Shadow’. Some of you may remember this sinister group from the second novel in the series, “Perfect World Somewhere”. Silas begins to learn of its connection to the Kaezer’s might, and possible ties to The Order itself. An unexpected encounter with Vance revives old rivalry, and the enmity deepens when Silas discovers Vance’s true intentions toward Tamsin. This is a longer chapter which I had to cut in two. The next installment will be out before the week is up. I promise 😉 Have a great weekend and the happiest New Year ever, dear friends! Read for free now on Wattpad:


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