Episode 35 of “Beauty In The Bones” is live

The latest episode of “Beauty In The Bones” is live. Episode 35. “Atonement For The Aftermath”, begins after young Silas endured a most startling evening among the Amerixcan circles of The Order Of Sacred Skulls. Realizing his failures has never been easy, but this time there’s no denying it…Silas knows he’s messed up, in more ways than one. Sometimes picking up the pieces and starting over is all one can do.


My latest SF short story: “Falling Out”

I’ve just posted my latest short story, “Falling Out”, for Challenge 27 of #SciFriday on Wattpad. A trope-y little Military Sci-Fi one shot. An elite special ops team is called to investigate an enigmatic distress signal on a quarantined planet. But to those who know what once ravaged all life there, things don’t seem quite right.


Episode 34 of Beauty In The Bones-“Omens In Red”

Episode 34 of “Beauty In The Bones” arrives, continuing the strange events of Hexer’s Night with the Amerixcan Circles of The Order Of Sacred Skulls. All seems well at first. A decadent private party in the garish Nether Sanctum thrills the Seekers. After meeting Lord Levay at last, judging him a fop proves to be a fatal mistake. Feasting and surreal performances aside, Silas encounters the sinister edge of power for the first time, and realizes how mistaken and foolish he’s been.

Playing With Pitches Again

Still playing with Twitter pitches for Ruby Descent. I’m still a ways off from actually entering a pitch event, but here’s one I came up with that includes a better idea of the stakes:

Chromed rockets. Flappers. A wild party. A mad CEO hijacks a space elevator, and the eccentric crew must stop it from crashing.

Still fine tuning it up, but it’s getting better 🙂

Episode 33 of Beauty In The Bones–Playground Of The Faceless

Episode 33 of “Beauty In The Bones” is live 🙂 In “Playground Of The Faceless”, we continue with Silas’s night out on the town with his buddy Reuben, and Mr. Lawrence Gable/aka Noble Steward Cyrilio within The Order. The GMG Entertainment Plaza plays host to a costume party in honor of the peculiar holiday known as Hexer’s Night. We discover a few secrets, get to know Reuben and his dear old Dad a little better, and start to learn that the Amerixcan Circles of The Order are vastly different from those Silas has encountered in his home on the off-world colonies. This is a long, wild night which our curious young shaman and seer isn’t soon to forget. Read free now on Wattpad!