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Writing Plans for 2016

2016 should be an amazing year! The last year was fantastic, though it had its challenges, I met so many new people and finished my first novel, and several short stories. My plans ahead are even more ambitious, but here are the writing resolutions I’ve come up with so far:

  • Get something traditionally published and/or find an agent
  • Finish the revisions of both “Ruby Descent” and the “Red Butterflies” trilogy
  • Start a regular blog here…specifically, just keep it more active
  • Finish “Beauty In The Bones”, and revise “Perfect World Somewhere” with new world developments
  • Get more active in online critique groups
  • Start a monthly review post of my favorite SF books here on the blog
  • Begin work on my childrens book projects: illustrations for “Princess Of The Cats”, and begin work on my picture book series for pagan/Wiccan children
  • Begin concept art for a graphic novel adaptation of “The Envy Of Angels”, continue illustrating the works in the “Family Of Earth” retrofuture series.

There will surely be more to add later, but as you can see I’ve got a pretty full plate already! Never a shortage of things to work on. Happy New Year everyone!

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