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Episode 33 of Beauty In The Bones–Playground Of The Faceless

Episode 33 of “Beauty In The Bones” is live 🙂 In “Playground Of The Faceless”, we continue with Silas’s night out on the town with his buddy Reuben, and Mr. Lawrence Gable/aka Noble Steward Cyrilio within The Order. The GMG Entertainment Plaza plays host to a costume party in honor of the peculiar holiday known as Hexer’s Night. We discover a few secrets, get to know Reuben and his dear old Dad a little better, and start to learn that the Amerixcan Circles of The Order are vastly different from those Silas has encountered in his home on the off-world colonies. This is a long, wild night which our curious young shaman and seer isn’t soon to forget. Read free now on Wattpad!

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