Episode 33 of Beauty In The Bones–Playground Of The Faceless

Episode 33 of “Beauty In The Bones” is live 🙂 In “Playground Of The Faceless”, we continue with Silas’s night out on the town with his buddy Reuben, and Mr. Lawrence Gable/aka Noble Steward Cyrilio within The Order. The GMG Entertainment Plaza plays host to a costume party in honor of the peculiar holiday known as Hexer’s Night. We discover a few secrets, get to know Reuben and his dear old Dad a little better, and start to learn that the Amerixcan Circles of The Order are vastly different from those Silas has encountered in his home on the off-world colonies. This is a long, wild night which our curious young shaman and seer isn’t soon to forget. Read free now on Wattpad!


Author: Holly Gonzalez

At a young age, Holly began telling stories, dreaming up characters, and creating worlds. She writes speculative fiction, poetry, and children's books. During her school years, she won numerous writing contests and awards and was featured in her high school literary anthology. To date, she has self-published several short stories and poetry. Her current works-in-progress include a decopunk novel, and a weird western trilogy. She lives in Spokane, Washington, with her husband, Stephen, and a facetious tuxedo cat named Vincent.

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