Playing With Pitches Again

Still playing with Twitter pitches for Ruby Descent. I’m still a ways off from actually entering a pitch event, but here’s one I came up with that includes a better idea of the stakes:

Chromed rockets. Flappers. A wild party. A mad CEO hijacks a space elevator, and the eccentric crew must stop it from crashing.

Still fine tuning it up, but it’s getting better 🙂

Author: Holly Gonzalez

At a young age, Holly began telling stories, dreaming up characters, and creating worlds. She writes speculative fiction, poetry, and children's books. During her school years, she won numerous writing contests and awards and was featured in her high school literary anthology. To date, she has self-published several short stories and poetry. Her current works-in-progress include a decopunk novel, and a weird western trilogy. She lives in Spokane, Washington, with her husband, Stephen, and a facetious tuxedo cat named Vincent.

2 thoughts on “Playing With Pitches Again”

  1. I would say that I get quite a good idea of the setting, but not of the MC. In fact, I don’t really know who the MC is and why he/she’s acting.

    Good luck with this. I’ve taken part to a few Twitter pitch parties and theya re fun! 🙂

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