Chapter 2 Scene 2 of “Ruby Descent”

Chapter 2 Scene 2 of “Ruby Descent” is up! Troubled holo-cinema diva Ethlyne Blane has much on her mind. The Everblue anniversary party rages at the Royal Crown Orbital Plaza And Resort, while political troubles rage across her home on Mars. It’s tough to find a spot of tranquility when all of the worlds totter around her. Being in the public eye is her job and her destiny, but she now faces the arduous task of keeping the ultimate secret. And worst of all, to face the monsters themselves in their den of corruption. How will she play the role of a gracious hostess and confident celebrity when confronted with her greatest fears and shame?



Author: Holly Gonzalez

At a young age, Holly began telling stories, dreaming up characters, and creating worlds. She writes speculative fiction, poetry, and children's books. During her school years, she won numerous writing contests and awards and was featured in her high school literary anthology. To date, she has self-published several short stories and poetry. Her current works-in-progress include a decopunk novel, and a weird western trilogy. She lives in Spokane, Washington, with her husband, Stephen, and a facetious tuxedo cat named Vincent.

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