Episode 39 Part 8 of Beauty In The Bones

The latest part of “Beauty In The Bones” Episode 39 is live 🙂 In this installment, the Rite of Talons nears its finale. Selketh confesses a tragic love affair with someone we’ve all come to know well, though not even Octavia suspected it. Myrktilhet closes its grasp around her, despite her hopes to somehow obtain an independent life and some semblance of happiness. Conquered on all fronts, she vows to continue alone, as she always has. But ultimately, even the reigning Lady of the The Order must humble herself, and admit that she needs help. As evil draws ever near, can a new alliance form and face the trials ahead? Read free on Wattpad:


Cover for Beauty In The Bones

Decopunk at the Lilac City Comiccom

I attended my very first Comiccon yesterday 🙂 Had a blast cosplaying decopunk characters from my retro-future universe with my dah-ling Max. Met Jeffrey Cook and Lee French from Writerpunk Press/Clockwork Dragon, which was amazing. Got lots of great comments, signed a few copies of the Punked Poe anthology featuring my decopunk retelling of ‘Annabel Lee’, and just enjoyed the day overall. Here’s a few pics!

Chapter 39 Part 7 of Beauty In The Bones

The next part of “Beauty In The Bones” Seadon 1 Finale is up 🙂 In this segment, Selketh journeys deeper into her past in the truth-revealing Rite of Talons. Growing up as a prisoner of the Kaezer in occupied Hepslovia, with her overbearing caretaker and mentor Eleiana Blevasnya, Selketh reveals a horrifying moment from her tangled memories. Sacrifice, sadistic trials of loyalty, a scheme of assassination and infiltration, and the natures of the bloodthirsty shamanic elders who rule Myrktilhet all come to light. Amidst it all, this young woman forced herself to endure and feign compliance to survive in a brutal world. Read free on Wattpad:

Episode 39 Part 6 of Beauty In The Bones

Part 6 of Beauty In The Bones Season Finale is live 🙂 In this installment, Selketh reveals more about her youth as a prisoner in the Hepslovian prison camps of the Kaezer, her relationship with Lady Blevasnya, her initiation into Myrktilhet, an apocalyptic prophecy, and the true identity of two sinister members of The Order whom Silas has already crossed etheric swords with. Still ongoing, stay tuned for the next segment soon!