Chapter 39 Part 7 of Beauty In The Bones

The next part of “Beauty In The Bones” Seadon 1 Finale is up 🙂 In this segment, Selketh journeys deeper into her past in the truth-revealing Rite of Talons. Growing up as a prisoner of the Kaezer in occupied Hepslovia, with her overbearing caretaker and mentor Eleiana Blevasnya, Selketh reveals a horrifying moment from her tangled memories. Sacrifice, sadistic trials of loyalty, a scheme of assassination and infiltration, and the natures of the bloodthirsty shamanic elders who rule Myrktilhet all come to light. Amidst it all, this young woman forced herself to endure and feign compliance to survive in a brutal world. Read free on Wattpad:

Author: Holly Gonzalez

At a young age, Holly began telling stories, dreaming up characters, and creating worlds. She writes speculative fiction, poetry, and children's books. During her school years, she won numerous writing contests and awards and was featured in her high school literary anthology. To date, she has self-published several short stories and poetry. Her current works-in-progress include a decopunk novel, and a weird western trilogy. She lives in Spokane, Washington, with her husband, Stephen, and a facetious tuxedo cat named Vincent.

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