Episode 39 Part 10 of “Beauty In The Bones”

At last, the final part of “Beauty In The Bones” Season 1 is live 🙂 In this conclusion to the Finale episode, Octavia makes several intimate confessions to Silas and their shamanic comrades. The truth about Kraelis Jaster’s death, the details of her captivity in Hepslovia and subsequent affair with Asher, and Holten’s daring ploy to retrieve a certain ancestral heirloom from Pruessia leads to scandal. The War strikes closer than ever, and the Blane family feels the pain of loss as they must leave their beloved estate of Highveld for the last time. Season 2 is on the way soon, same bone time, same bone channel. May the Guardians abide!

Episode 39 Part 9 of Beauty In The Bones

The latest part of “Beauty In The Bones” Season 1 Finale is up 🙂 In this installment, Selketh reveals the memories of the eighth and final talon. Tortured at the hands of the insidious Myrktilhet, Selketh chooses to reveal all to her beloved teacher, Kraelis Jaster. Kraelis in turn has a few secrets of his own to divulge. What is death to those who journey at will across the realms, and who foresee their fate in arcane patterns? Betrayals of the past form new convictions for the present. War awaits the last true seekers, and friends must find strength in each other to survive.

“Merely This And Nothing More” Goes Live!

The anthology featuring my decopunk retelling of Poe’s “Annabel Lee” is live today! Check out this fantastic collection of ‘punked classics. From cyberpunk to steampunk, this is a work of which the master himself would approve of!