Beauty In The Bones S. 2/Episode 3: “Symposium of Privilege”

Another episode of “Beauty In The Bones” is live. Octavia Blane departs for the war-torn Sahajian border to aid the Unfortunate masses after the Kaezer’s latest conquest. The Blane family pulls together again in the face of mounting tensions. Castor’s first day on the job at Blane Industries reveals his quick and clever abilities, and Silas realizes he may have misjudged his little brother. A prestigious invitation arrives, promising a unique chance for Silas to observe the dragons in their den. Read free on Wattpad:

Beauty In The Bones Season 2 Ep. 2–“A Strange And Treacherous Game”

After a month-long hiatus, “Beauty In The Bones” returns 🙂 In Episode 2 of Season 2, the Blane family reels after their recent loss in Sahajia and the suicide of an influential business rival. In times of uncertainty, Silas must find his ground and reaffirm what’s most important. Nevertheless, the things we desire most often lead us into a strange and treacherous game. A free read on Watpad: