My latest short story, “Real Magick”, a sci-fi supernatural tale

The Gothpunk issue of Tevun Krus is up, just in time for Samhain! If you’d like a surprising twist on the classic ‘spooky doll’ story, check out my short piece titled “Real Magick” at the link. Witches both good and wicked, a mysterious robotic idol hidden in an antique doll, and a little girl’s love for her mother abound in this sci-fi supernatural tale. The entire issue is amazing, check it out free on Wattpad!

“Beauty In The Bones” continues in “Symposium Of Privilege”

“Beauty In The Bones” continues in the next part of Season 2/Ep. 3: “Symposium Of Privilege”. Mr. Raleigh Lovejoy arrives at the club with his young nephew, Stewart. A strange warning from the enigmatic Mr. Thomas Knolls doesn’t help Silas’ mood. He still worries for Tamsin after her last dire message. When he overhears more unsettling words from Mr. Lovejoy, those worries multiply. Duke Rofschild and Count Steliven call for the traditional Levee to begin, but a troublesome relative insists on taking his rightful place–much to the chagrin of Richard Blane.