Castor Blane–Major character of Ruby Descent

Full name: Castor Felix Blane
Age: 33
Profession: Director of Everblue’s Martian division, celebrity, philanthropist
Astrological sign:
165 lbs.
Marital Status: 
Married to Ethlyne Blane
Residence:  Owns several residences across the worlds, but he prefers the Martian colony of Secundis.
Pastimes and interests: Hover racing, rock climbing, hiking, spelunking, exploring Mars, searching for ways to improve life for himself and others, a natural philanthropist.
Scars/Quirks: Though he was born on Luna, Castor spent a good part of his youth on Mars, and considers it his home. He loves the red planet for its vast solitude, and endless mystery, as well as the wide variety of outdoor sports available there. Nostalgia is also one of his interests. He collects antiques and obsolete technology because he finds them fascinating, and a throwback to when life was simpler and more meaningful. He carries a notebook and old-fashioned ink pen with him everywhere, and loves to doodle and write haphazard verse. His greatest joy comes from giving.
Strengths: Generosity, spontaneity, compassion, sensitivity, sense of humor, protectiveness, humanitarian outlook.
Weaknesses: Runs from emotional difficulties, can be suspicious, self-effacing to a fault, jealous, sarcastic, brooding.
Goals and motivations: Castor always thinks above and beyond his own sphere. A visionary as well as ambitious humanitarian, he works tirelessly to make things better for others. He loves Ethlyne, and in a personal sense desires to make her happy and have a family. After the recent blight on their relationship, he longs to be able to trust her again. But he’s bitter after the betrayal, and has great difficulty dealing with the shame and rage. All of his anger has reached a breaking point, and is focused entirely at his brother, Silas. The rivalry between these two powerful siblings is about to collide, in a most far-reaching, dramatic way.
Resemblances/inspirations: Rudolph Valentino, Charles Farrell
Personal motto: “My only wish is to find hope for our poor, thirsty worlds.”
Appears in: “Beauty In The Bones”, “Ruby Descent”
Backstory: Born into an affluent and privileged off-world mining family, Castor never had want of necessities. He instead found joy in trying to alleviate the sorrow he so often witnessed around him. His parents shared a bitter marriage, though they loved their two sons. Silas, his older brother, worked with their father closely from a young age, while Castor devoted time to his studies.

Moved by the suffering and violence he witnessed during the War, Castor began assisting his mother’s charitable mission projects. Meanwhile, his father and brother struggled to unite the off-world colonies in a grassroots movement to end all trade with the Kaezer, and overthrow the dictator’s regime. During this time, living with his mother, is when Castor came to love Mars. He’s preferred to dwell there ever since.

When Castor’s father, Richard Blane, entered politics after Black Sky Day, he passed control of Blane Industries to Silas. Castor was hired as the company’s Martian representative soon after, and Silas demanded much of him. At one time, Castor had looked up to his brother, and even loved him. But Silas grew secretive, manipulative, and more cruel as years went by. After a strange, alarming confrontation during a climbing trip on Mars, a rift developed between the two brothers, and only grew as time went on. It became apparent that Silas wanted fame, and power, neither of which ever appealed to Castor. They saw less of each other as they grew older, though Castor still worked for the family business, and surpassed all that was required of him.

Richard Blane died in an accident, several years after the War ended. Once their father was no longer around to keep things in check, Silas was out of control. Deeply involved with a secretive cult claiming to possess otherworldly power, Silas expanded the clout of Blane Industries to engulf much of their competition, evading several questionable violations through his incredible network of influence in media and enterprise. Castor’s sister-in-law, Tamsin, pleaded with him to try and reach Silas, in a last-ditch attempt to bring the madman to his senses. It was all to no avail. Blane Industries eventually incorporated into the emerging new water-purification conglomerate known as Everblue, and the structure of power solidified into a corporate tyranny never before seen.

The line was crossed with ultimate treachery after Castor married Ethlyne. In tandem, a momentous new technology was seized and eradicated, due to Silas’s attempts to maintain control. The upcoming anniversary party for Everblue will be the perfect cover for the most subversive plan Castor has ever devised. Torn by confusion and desperation, he chooses to defy his despotic brother in the ultimate way–to go public and reveal everything to the world, once and for all. All the while, Castor is uncertain just how far Silas will go to stop him. But it won’t deter him this time. He has allies in place, and still others have come forth to support him.

Out of it all, he hopes to find what truly happened to Ethlyne, and to restore their love and marriage if he can.

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