“Undeath By Chocolate” A Paranormal/Horror Anthology Official Release

It’s finally here!
“Undeath by Chocolate,” a sweet mixture of paranormal and horror, is a new anthology by 10 of your favorite authors:
has just been released on Kindle (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074FWCQ2L and begun on Wattpad. Come and check it out! https://www.wattpad.com/myworks/118055360-undeath-by-chocolate
Have you ever met a necromancer with dreams of being a mariachi player? Have you ever mixed a potion with dragonfly tears, or made a deadly wish on a cake and had it come true? Did you ever visit a voodoo shop that only opens after midnight or kissed a corpse to life? Come and join ten specially selected authors for a sweet combination of paranormal and horror stories–tales which have both the undead and chocolate as their special ingredients.
My paranormal comedy short story, “Like Blood For Chocolate”, is one of the many treats you’ll find in here.Mexican folklore is given a crazy spin when a teenage tlahuelpuchi must journey into the Underworld to save her grandmother and capture a fallen goddess.

“The Envy Of Angels”–A decopunk retelling of Poe’s “Annabel Lee”

The expanded version of “The Envy Of Angels”, my decopunk re-telling of Edgar Allen Poe’s famous poem “Annabel Lee”, is now available to read free on Wattpad. A stark tale of ambition, young love, and betrayal , set in a fictional universe with elements of vintage science fiction, cyberpunk, and noir. Tristan of Steelbend arrives in the famous city of Hosanna with nothing but his beloved harp and a pocket full of dreams. In this beautiful Kingdom By The Sea, mysterious angelic beings known as the Seraphim rule and protect mankind from the insidious Devils. Tristan hopes for fame and freedom in his glorious new home. Secrets unravel the further he’s drawn into the echelons of power within the city, and the price he must pay may prove too great a sacrifice.

“Nemesis” SF Anthology now available on Kindle!


Some good news!
Looking for some new science fiction from some awesome Wattpad authors? Today on Amazon, the science fiction anthology Nemesis is now available.


It includes stories from:

Arch rivals, celestial enemies, fallen goddesses, space madness, and all kinds of other rifts are explored in this themed collection!

“Merely This And Nothing More” Takes First Place!

“Merely This And Nothing More”, the ‘punked Poe’ anthology from Writerpunk Press, took First Place Anthology In the 2016 Summer Indie Book Awards 🙂 A huge thank you to everyone who voted for us! This is an amazing collection of punk fiction, and all proceeds go to support homeless animals!



Release date for the “Nemesis” anthology

To be released 9/27, an anthology of science fiction stories based around a single word: “Nemesis”. My own short story, “Polarity”, is available in this collection of tales from some of Wattpad’s most daring sci-fi writers. Will be available for Kindle on Amazon.com! More details soon to follow.
Here’s the blurb for “Polarity”: Decades after a genocidal war with human colonists, a lonely alien priestess hides to survive, believing she’s the last of her kind. Taken prisoner by enemies, who may be friends, she discovers the sacred ways of her people have been profaned by a mysterious usurper–and only destruction can restore the balance.

Vote For “Merely This And Nothing More”!

Hello everyone 🙂 “Merely This And Nothing More”, the anthology of punked Edgar Allen Poe stories (of which my own “The Envy Of Angels” is included!) has been nominated for the Summer Indie Book Awards. We can really use more votes, so if you have time, please visit this link and click that little vote button for us 🙂 We’re in a close run for first place, and every bit helps! You can vote once a day until Sept. 10th. The title is found about a third of the way down the list, or you can just CTRL + F ‘Merely This And Nothing More’. Thank you so much!

“Merely This And Nothing More” Goes Live!

The anthology featuring my decopunk retelling of Poe’s “Annabel Lee” is live today! Check out this fantastic collection of ‘punked classics. From cyberpunk to steampunk, this is a work of which the master himself would approve of!