My interview with Eric Fisk of The Fedora Chronicles

I recently appeared as a guest on the retrofuture podcast ‘The Fedora Chronicles’. Check out my interview to learn more about retro-futurism, diesel/steam/atompunk and the wonders of classic science fiction with its anachronistic visions of the future 🙂

Atompunk short story, “The Meaning Is The Feeling”

My most recent short story, “The Meaning Is The Feeling”, is now live in the new atompunk issue of Tevun-Krus! Come for a wild ride with the all-girl Martian hoverbike gang known as the Dust Bunnies, and watch as they take on the corporate corruption of the insidious terraforming tycoon, Mr. Ronald Frump 😉 A fun little atompunk dark comedy/satire, and all free to read on Wattpad! I highly suggest checking out the rest of the e-zine as well! It’s absolutely stellar and packed with atompunk goodies, such an obscure sub-genre finally gettin’ some love. Ooorah!!! Image is by artist Lipatov.