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Episode 3 (Part 3) of ‘Beauty In The Bones’

The latest segment of “Beauty In The Bones” is now up 🙂 In Part 3 of “Symposium Of Privilege”, Richard Blane and his sons enter the most renowned gentlemen’s club in the off-world colonies. A place for men of high society to mingle and collaborate in spite of outside rivalries, the Symposium nevertheless operates on a rigid set of rules and class-based etiquette. In spite of the decorum, Silas finds that status isn’t always a precursor to manners. Yet even a rough-edged aristocrat may be a potential ally and benefactor. Free to read on Wattpad:


Episode 39 Part 2 of Beauty In The Bones

Part 2 of the Season Finale of “Beauty In The Bones” is live 🙂 In this segment, Silas and Gerald reunite with family, though unexpected plans and guests spoil the chance of a relaxing holiday. Silas vows to hold strong to his love for Tamsin, though new temptations present themselves with the presence of a reluctant friend, who’s lost in more ways than one.

Episode 39 Part 1 of Beauty In The Bones

The first part of the Season Finale of Beauty In The Bones is live 🙂 In my effort to keep the chapters to a more suitable length for Wattpad now, I’ll be splitting this episode into smaller segments. In this installment, the truth about Miles Prynne and his treason is revealed, with devastating effects for Lovejoy-Prynne. The heightened chaos surrounding sadly offers no further chance for lovers to meet, much to Silas’ dismay. The promise of a holiday party and reunion with loved ones will hopefully afford a suitable distraction.