Ethlyne Blane–Major character of Ruby Descent

Full name: Ethlyne Theda Blane (maiden name Mayweather)
Age: 31
Profession: Famous holo-film actress, celebrity, and spokeswoman/advertising assistant for Everblue.
Astrological sign:
125 lbs.
Platinum blonde
Marital Status: 
Married to Castor Blane
Residence:  Has several residences across the worlds, but her favorite is in Northumberlin, on Earth.
Pastimes and interests: Loves all kinds of animals, drama, equestrian sports, fashion, sharing time alone with her husband.
Scars/Quirks: Has a girlish, ethereal beauty that lends her a fragile appearance, prefers the company of animals to humans, puts on a sociable act for the media, but is actually a shy person and difficult to get to know, introverted.
Strengths: Determination, kindness, creativity, resilience, independence.
Weaknesses: Can be naive, flighty, demanding, and stand-offish.
Goals and motivations: To lead a tranquil life and eventually have children. In the most immediate sense, to mend the rift that has developed between herself and Castor, and assist him in completing his clandestine mission aboard the Ruby lift.
Resemblances/inspirations: Mary Nolan, Marion Davies, Jean Harlow.
Personal motto: “You can only rely on yourself.”
Appears in: “Perfect World Somewhere” (in a brief holo-vision commercial), “Beauty In The Bones”, “Ruby Descent”
Backstory: Ethlyne came from a common family, and lived on Earth during the War. After Black Sky Day and the tainting of the homeworld’s water, her parents surrendered them to the Kaezer. She witnessed the merciless shooting of her older brother, Charlie, while in the enemy’s custody, and never found her parents again. All of her relatives perished or vanished in the conflict, and she was left alone to rebuild her life when peace finally came.

In the new society, she attended university and majored in drama. Her natural talent for acting caught the attention of the right agent, and she soon took to the stage and holo-cinema. After a few years of hard work, she gained recognition and fame. She landed the starring role in a pivotal holo-film, “Jess of the Red World”, the first to be shot entirely on Mars. While filming, she met  Castor Blane, the director of all Martian enterprise for Everblue. They fell in love, and married seven months after she completed the movie.

One year after the wedding, Ethlyne went to work for Everblue, assisting her brother-in-law, Silas, with advertising and as a spokeswoman. She and Castor experienced a shocking betrayal in their relationship a few months later, and it tore everything they cherished apart. At the time “Ruby Descent” begins, they’re quite estranged, and in the middle of a communication breakdown. She spends more time with her dog and her horse, shunning most human companionship, and longs to find a way to reach out to Castor.

The ten year anniversary party for Everblue is soon to descend aboard the Ruby lift. Ethlyne and Castor will both host and accompany the festivities. Though they aren’t on good terms personally, she’s committed to help him with his secret mission. If they can but survive, and reach Earth, they can bring new hope to all of the worlds. Ethlyne only wishes that the same hope can extend to her broken marriage, and reunite her with the man she loves more than life itself.

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