Lily Fairpoole–Major character of Ruby Descent

Full name: Lily Mayla Fairpoole
Age: 29
Profession: Head Engineer and Technician of the Ruby lift, which is operated by the Royal Crown Orbital Plaza and Resort. She’s also a jazz singer with her long-time band, Lily and the Hard Knocks, which performs regularly in the Steerage Lounge. Sometimes she works illicitly as a data accessor, both for the financial opportunity and the thrill of hacking.
Astrological sign:
135 lbs.
Dark brown
Marital Status:
Plumgrove, Amerixca, Earth
Pastimes and interests:
Music, robotics, programming, dancing, refurbishing old mechanical items, spending time at her cozy house in the country.
Feigns shyness to charm people, talks to robots, sings loudly and often.
Strengths: Intelligence, cleverness, compassion, adaptability, diligence, efficiency, confidence, optimism.
Weaknesses: Temperamental, can be abrupt and says things she regrets later, sometimes over-confident, often her heart rules her head and gets her in trouble, easily bored.
Goals and motivations: To have a job that challenges her and lets her use all of her abilities, to keep her farm and plum orchard on Earth, to rebuild the sort of simple, comfortable life and home that she knew as a child–which were so brutally taken from her during the War.
Resemblances/inspirations: Josephine Baker, Alice Francis
Personal motto: “You have to catch that rhythm.”
Appears in: “Perfect World Somewhere”, “Beauty In The Bones”, “Ruby Descent”
Backstory: Lily grew up in a small country town, in a farming valley largely sheltered from the outside world. Blessed with a loving family, a brilliant mind, and a beautiful singing voice, there seemed no limit to what this young prodigy might achieve. At the age of six, she apprenticed under her father, a skilled robotics technician. By the time she was nine, she began learning to program and construct operating systems as well.

The devastation of the War eventually arrived to sweep away everything she knew. More than half of her family was killed during a ruthless bombing and subsequent invasion after Black Sky Day, and she fled with her father, younger brother, and several other comrades who’d survived the attack.

After a daring time spent on the run, and a sabotaged attempt to escape to the orbital colonies, Lily surrendered herself and her loved ones to the enemy, in a desperate effort to save her little brother’s life. A difficult and grim sojourn followed, imprisoned within the Kaezer’s ration camps. She managed to break free, with the help of her allies, and settled into a more routine life upon the orbital colony known as the Vestal Coil. She met two young jazz musicians at school, the Knox twins, and together they formed a trio called Lily and the Hard Knocks. They gained some notoriety among their peers, and were part of a growing dance movement developing among the youth on the colony.

Her father died several years later, and she fell into a depression lasting a good while. When she came around, she accepted the position as the Head Engineer and Technician aboard the Ruby lift. At the time “Ruby Descent” begins, she’s been working there for three months, and has become good friends with her boss, Mr. Walter Marlow.


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