Randall Paynter–Major character of Ruby Descent

Full name: Randall Henry Paynter
Age: 61
Profession: Director of Security for the Ruby lift
Astrological sign:
150 lbs.
Dark blue
Marital Status:
Widower, has an adult daughter and two grandchildren
Residence: Michigattan, Amerixca, Earth
Pastimes and interests: Baseball, beer, darts, guns, gambling, imported cigars, evenings with his buddies at the pub, beautiful women, building and flying kites with his grandchildren.
Scars/Quirks: Rubs his chin when deep in thought, terrified of spiders, blames politicians for the trouble in the world, addicted to coffee, whistles loudly, walks with a slight limp due to an old War injury, flirtatious, swears a lot.
Strengths: Bravery, honesty, sharp wit, quick reflexes for his age, humor, keen insight, intellectual.
Weaknesses: Can be crass, tactless, impolite, lax attitude, inconsistent, unorganized, gets bogged down in detail.
Goals and motivations: To earn enough to retire comfortably, to assist his friend Mr. Cunningham as necessary, to keep things orderly aboard the Ruby lift and at the Royal Crown, to care for his widowed daughter and her children.
Resemblances/inspirations: George Carlin, George Burns
Personal motto: “No one gives a flying crap.”
Appears in: “Perfect World Somewhere”, “Ruby Descent”
Backstory: Randall was born during the early years of the War, while Hir Anzelvik Kaezer was pushing across the continent of Hepslovia in relentless conquest. In those days, attacks on the country of Amerixca were less frequent, though the free world became swept up in the conflict regardless.

Along with many other youth at that time, Randall joined the armed forces at age seventeen. After a rushed training, he was shipped overseas to join the battle against the Pruessian Empire’s onslaught. He met another young man in his corps, named Peter Cunningham, and they became fast friends. The months that followed brought both triumph and heartache. Randall witnessed the deaths of many brave men, as well as the continued rise of more complex war robots and technology from the Kaezer. It seemed that they made little progress, merely huddling in trenches and waiting for a break in the enemy lines.

At age nineteen, two years in to his deployment, Randall’s life changed forever. His squadron suffered a devastating assault, which killed many of his comrades, and his superior officer. Only Randall and Peter survived. Randall dragged both himself and his friend across a chaotic battlefield to safety, saving both their lives. For this act of bravery, he earned a medal of honor. He wanted to return to the front, but he’d severely injured his hip and leg during the incident, and was thus unfit for duty. He instead took a job at local militia headquarters as a watchtower sentry, and worked there until Black Sky Day. He joined the water rebels, and fought with them for a few years. He and his comrades were eventually captured by the Kaezer, and he spent almost two years in the ration camps. When he was forty-six years old, the War finally came to an end.

In his twenties, he met a young woman named Minnie. They married, and had a daughter. Minnie died in a bombing during the War, leaving Randall to raise their infant daughter, Alise. Alise grew up and married, and had two children, but her husband was also killed while serving in the armed forces against the Kaezer. She moved in with Randall, and he cares for her, and tends to his grandchildren as well. Randall’s family was always his main priority, and continues to be so into his old age.

He worked odd jobs around his hometown until he was fifty-four, at which time he contacted his old War buddy, Mr. Cunningham, about a job at the  luxury hotel that had just been built, the Royal Crown Orbital Plaza and Resort. He took a position in security there, and five years later became the Director of Security aboard the Ruby lift.

Randall works closely with his boss, Mr. Marlow, and also has the ear of Mr. Cunningham. He can be overly eager in his duties, and gets away with a lot since he’s personal friends with Cunningham. Mr. Marlow sometimes gets frustrated with his seeming carefree attitude, but overall they’ve learned to trust each other over time, and share a mutual respect.

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