Silas Blane–Antagonist of Ruby Descent

Silas Blane

Full name: Silas Linden Blane
Age: 37
Profession: CEO and chairman of Everblue, celebrity, oracle/high-ranking member of an elite secret cult known as The Order, anonymous bone artist
Astrological sign:
150 lbs.
Dark brown
Dark brown
Marital Status: 
Married to Tamsin Blane (maiden name Lovejoy). Also has a daughter named Cerise.
Residence: Has many residences across the worlds, but spends most time at Silvring Hall, the Blane family estate on Luna, which is where he grew up.
Pastimes and interests: Fashion, fine art, hosting lavish dinner parties, big game hunting, ancient Pruessian paganism, divination and occult lore, compulsive hoarder of animal and human bones, constructs elaborate abstract sculptures out of bone.
Scars/Quirks: A very smooth talker, rarely raises his voice or shows agitation, every gesture is refined and cool. Impeccable yet finicky tastes, loves fine art and cuisine, extremely picky about appearances. He bears a twisted scar across his right shoulder and neck, where he was bitten during a hunting accident as a teenager. He was born with a severe case of photophobia, requiring him to wear a pair of dark-lensed prescription glasses in sunlight and other bright lights. Loves fashion and always follows the latest trends, as well as sets his own styles, which are usually emulated by his devoted entourage and fan base. He thrives on being in the limelight, must be at the center of attention in all he does. When he’s scrutinizing someone or something, he has an unconscious habit of slightly narrowing his right eye. Chain smoker, prefers cigarettes and vapes to cigars. Wears a ring on his left little finger, with a tiny glass holder containing the first drops of water purified by Everblue–the rest of the ring is made of gold-plated bone, though he won’t reveal this is the case, or who the bone came from. He lives by a strict philosophy of cause and effect, give and take, debts and obligations. When he wants to ‘persuade’/manipulate someone, he puts them into a situation that makes them nervous or uncomfortable, all the while projecting a calm and accommodating demeanor to cajole them into what he wants.
Strengths: Leadership, ambition, magnetism, persuasiveness, charm, confidence, adaptability, keen intuition and foresight.
Weaknesses: Secretive, manipulative, narcissistic, impatient, suspicious, always wants more than what he has, holds grudges for a long time, opinionated, paranoid, can be cruel in his methods. He isn’t clinically sociopathic, but has several qualities resembling it.
Goals and motivations: When he was a child, Silas knew that he wanted fame and influence, and this has driven him ever since. He made himself important to his father, Richard Blane, at a young age, and was sure to secure the loyalty and submission of his younger brother, Castor. He’s gained much, yet is rarely satisfied and always seeks more. At the time “Ruby Descent” begins, his mental state has degenerated over several years into desperation and paranoia, and his main goal is to stop his brother from revealing all that has been hidden to the public.
Resemblances/inspirations: Laurence Olivier, George Hamilton
Personal motto: “Innocence is subjective, and power always has a price.” Also, “I don’t raise my voice. I raise the stakes.”
Appears in: “Perfect World Somewhere”, “Beauty In The Bones”, “Ruby Descent”
Backstory: Silas maneuvered himself into a position of importance within his powerful family at a young age. Keen to the reality of his parents’ loveless marriage, he nevertheless managed to acquire the support and approval of both of them, and proceeded to influence them to his whims.

A hunting accident at age fourteen nearly claimed his life, and he was in a coma for several weeks afterward. During this time, he began to have intense visions, which carried into severe migraines and waking dreams when he regained lucidity. His haughty and manipulative mother, Octavia Blane, noticed this ability, and introduced him to the elite celebrity cult she belonged to, called “The Order”. Silas was discovered to have a talent for a Pruessian bone divination rite known as Knoseidtru, and was quickly adopted into The Order’s most important circles.

When he turned fifteen and entered finishing school, he ran into a young woman he hadn’t seen since he was a boy–Tamsin Lovejoy, a member of one of the greatest rival families to his own. Richard Blane had ordered his son to stay away from the Lovejoys, as they were the greatest competition to Blane Industries, as well as questionable in their business ethics. Silas disobeyed, and carried out a lengthy affair with his pretty paramour. He continued their secret relationship, but the situation grew dire. Silas discovered he was to be a father.

Young and panicked, he and Tamsin eloped, invoking the rage of both their families. Things grew more hostile when several key investors withdrew their support in Blane Industries, causing a huge financial crisis and scandal among society. It took much persuasion, but Silas was eventually able to turn things around. With his new wife’s help, he convinced the competition to partner with Blane Industries, in a bold merger creating the largest off-world mining firm ever seen.

Richard Blane escalated his political career soon after Black Sky Day, the global invasion of Earth by the dictator known as the Kaezer. In doing so, he bequeathed control of Blane Industries to Silas. Though very young and overwhelmed with the imminent birth of his daughter, Silas assumed the mantle of CEO, and had to work hard to earn the respect of his investors and partners, who were skeptical of his age and abilities. He succeeded in winning much renown, and profits increased with the help of his shrewd uncle, Holten Jaster, an adept and respected businessman.

All water on Earth was soon after poisoned by a mysterious bio-weapon, creating a crisis across the worlds. Ice mining became the priority of all, and happened to be the specialty of the Lovejoy mining enterprise. The union with the Lovejoys proved to be invaluable in this case, and Silas earned much praise and renown for his influence in uniting the two families at last.

Silas relied much on his younger brother Castor, to direct and oversee business on Mars. They saw little of each other, yet still were civil toward each other at that point.  The true nature of Silas’s spite and dominance emerged when they took a climbing trip together, and the relationship between the two went sour afterward. Undaunted, Silas continued to expand his circle of followers and network of support, earning fame and devotion from members of The Order, as well as his business partners and clients. He soon became known as a celebrity, with a popular following of young entrepreneurs, artists, and social deviants attending his elaborate parties and events. He loved the renown, and escalated his social climb, which took time away from his wife and child, and began to alienate them from each other.

Both of the Blane brothers assisted their father with his political goals, to unite the colonies against the Kaezer, and overthrow the dictator’s regime. It took several years and much difficulty, but they ultimately succeeded in ending the War. A new government and society arose, uniting all of the worlds under one standard. The new order called itself the Administration, and Richard Blane was elected the first Executive Officer in a landslide victory.

A series of strange accidental deaths began occurring among the higher ranks of society, causing fear among the leaders of the Administration. Richard Blane pursued the deaths as suspicious, and began uncovering a trail of deceit and corruption. The subsequent discoveries led to the necessity to organize and consolidate the water purification system, and the company called Everblue was soon after proposed.

Richard Blane was killed in what appeared to be a car accident not long after Everblue was formed. Silas was twenty-eight years old when it happened, and was present at the scene. He became convinced that it wasn’t an accident, and that his father was assassinated. This raised his levels of paranoia, and he became obsessed with finding the truth. After much struggle and uncovering of fraud and extortion among his rivals and allies alike, Silas shocked the business world by incorporating Blane Industries entirely into Everblue. Pulling more strings of influence, he also managed to secure himself into the position of the new company’s CEO and chairman, earning himself many enemies, including antagonizing his own family even further.

The ten year anniversary party for Everblue draws near. Silas has grown paranoid and despotic, grasping to hold onto the power he’s gained, and using many subversive and cruel methods to keep it. His vast network of followers backs him up, and he manipulates others to keep things in check. When Castor becomes a threat, Silas tries to intimidate him into cooperation. But his younger brother has had enough.

Castor is the one person who knows everything, and who can destroy all that Silas has built. The Ruby lift will soon be the scene of the most crucial showdown in the known worlds, as brother rises against brother in a last frantic attempt to expose the truth, once and for all.

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