Walter Marlow–Protagonist of Ruby Descent

Full name: Walter Bertrand Marlow
Age: 32
Profession: Director of Operations and Concierge of the Ruby lift, which is operated by the Royal Crown Orbital Plaza and Resort
Astrological sign:
215 lbs.
Dark brown
Marital Status:
Askogan City, Amerixca, Earth
Pastimes and interests:
Boxing, bonsai gardening, Indolasian decor, travel, holo-cinema.
Scar on left thigh from a shrapnel wound he suffered in the War, has a chronic habit of cracking his knuckles, is also extremely attached and protective of his pet cat, Mr. Vincent.
Strengths: Integrity, loyalty, prudence, resourcefulness, leadership, incredible pain threshold, great physical strength.
Weaknesses: Can be obsessive, doesn’t like being out of control, sullen and moody when angered, work-aholic, can become complacent.
Goals and motivations: His immediate goal is to advance within management at the Royal Crown. On a deeper level, he seeks to find some kind of lasting harmony and companionship, and a true sense of home.
Resemblances/inspirations: Gary Cooper
Personal motto: “Stay strong.”
Appears in: “Children of the War”, “Perfect World Somewhere”, “Ruby Descent”
Backstory: Like others of his generation, Walter is a survivor of the long and dreaded War with the Pruessian Empire. He endured a childhood of constant movement, rarely knowing a home longer than a few years at a time, as his city was attacked repeatedly by the enemy. Much of his teen years were spent living among the water rebels, the resistant bands of freedom fighters who continued to oppose the Kaezer after Black Sky Day, the global invasion.

He and his family were captured during a savage battle, and taken into the oppressive ration camps. While a prisoner, Walter was subjected to an experimental type of mental conditioning. An alliance between the water rebels and the space colonies, combined with the uprising of the Pruessians against their own great leader, brought the War to an end.

After the new Administration assumed power, Walter attended university, and was eventually reunited with his mother. Sadly, his younger sister and father were both killed during the years of conflict. He did his best to resume a normal life, but has a profound sense of alienation ever since the draconian brainwashing project he endured at the hands of Veriklas Nyborg, in the ration camps of the Kaezer.

By the time “Ruby Descent” begins, he’s the Director of Operations and Concierge of the Ruby lift. He devotes himself fully to his job, to his cat and best friend, Mr. Vincent, and to competing in his boxing league. Though he presents a capable and content demeanor, he won’t admit that loneliness dwells side by side with his busy commitments.


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