Ruby Descent


Ruby Descent: A Decopunk Novel

Current Status: First Revision

Projected Release: TBD

It’s been fifteen years since the end of the War. The world’s water supply, poisoned in the aftermath, is strictly rationed, and monopolized by the corporation called Everblue.

Everblue has just passed its tenth anniversary, continuously providing mankind with safe drinking water, and exciting off-world opportunities. And all of the most important executives and clients, are invited to attend the soiree of the century, baby.

A wild, three-day long celebration, happening at the one place to see and be seen. The Royal Crown Orbital Plaza and Resort. The only luxury hotel in space. Five star, all the way. And everybody who’s anybody will be there.

The last twenty hours of the party, will be spent of necessity aboard the Ruby lift. One of five space elevators, transporting guests and cargo between Earth and the hotel.

As the lift begins its descent, the concierge and director of operations, Walter Marlow, finds himself overwhelmed, as usual. So much to do. So many inept people. And, the robotic staff is malfunctioning. He’s near to losing his mind.

Two of the most important celebrities in the known universe are along for the descent. They’re carrying a secret that will shake the very foundations of society.

And Walter’s entire world is about to come crashing down.


Cast of Characters


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Pinterest inspiration Board for Decopunk Fashion (styles in Ruby Descent)

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